Southend Timeline

Bringing Your Memories Back to Life

Southend Timeline
Bringing Your Memories Back To Life

The Southend Timeline takes a look back at the fascinating history of Southend-on-Sea.
Designed and developed as a "Discover and Explore" website, the more you click the more you discover.  You can travel (virtually) in time from today, to yesterday and far in to the history of Southend. 
If you lived in Southend, If you visited Southend why not spend some time to reminisce, check facts and enjoy the in-depth feature articles and discover facts that will surprise you about Southend-on-Sea.  
Southend Timeline Update: Southend Gasworks 7th July 2019

Please Note:  
Due to serious on going health problems I have not been able to devote as much time as I would like on the Southend Timeline,  I am also in the process of having to restructure the whole website, after the original template that the site was built on has been discontinued by the host.

The Southend Timeline being a one man operation with over 1000 pages it takes a fair bit of time to go through them all. 

Clifftown Conservation Society

The Cliffton Conservation Society are restoring our community red telephone box which, after many years of neglect and abuse, needs a complete overhaul to make it great again. 

With only 153 left in the county it would be sadly missed and a shame if this one were to be removed in time to come, given it's poor state. 

The Clifftown Conservation Social Society hope you feel the same, and with your help we can bring the red telephone box back to life and offer the community the hope that things may be old, but are not forgotten or unloved. 

Thank you to Hopson Estate Agents for the direct payment of £450 to the restorer, securing our start date of October 2018.

Red Phone Box Appeal

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