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Due to serious on going ill health, I have not been able to devote as much time as I would like on the website.  On top of this a major server problem has left this website in it's current state of disorder I am attempting to correct it as soon as possible. However being a one man operation this is going to take some time as there are over 1000 pages to go though.   

The Southend Timeline takes a look back at the fascinating history of Southend-on-Sea. Designed as a 'discover and explore' website, the more you click the more you discover. You can travel in time from yesterday to the earliest of years of the town. If you lived in Southend or used to visit on your holidays why not spend some time to reminisce, check facts, or enjoy the longer features that will surprise you about the history of this small corner of Eastern England.

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Southend Timeline Update: 2016 diary updated (Sunday 1st January 2017)

 Southend Timeline Update: 2017: Diary Page Added (Sunday 1st January 2017)

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